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Darrell Sadler

Director of Sales


Darrell has over 26 years' experience in telecom.  From service technician to outside sales executive, Darrell has amassed a lifetime of industry knowledge. His experience allows him to help clients develop and deploy a scope of work that fits the specifics needs of each organization. All Ether is extremely proud to have his talents as our Director of Sales.


Brandon Ladanye

Senior Project Manager


A seasoned IT infrastructure expert, Brandon has 15 years of experience managing diverse projects, from drone detection systems to extensive nationwide security camera installations. As All Ether's Senior Project Manager, he has successfully led key initiatives, including the Dollar General Lifecycle Refresh and ANG Mass Notification Systems. With Milestone certification and a friendly disposition, Brandon is a driving force behind the company's success.


Ryan Medley

Project Manager

With an impressive 28-year career in the low-voltage industry, Ryan Medley has tackled everything from residential setups to large-scale corporate rollouts. His keen eye for detail has resulted in numerous "industry standards," earning him a position at All Ether in 2019. As a Project Manager, Ryan's vast expertise and problem-solving acumen make him indispensable to the team.


Ron Perkins

Site Lead


Since joining All Ether in 2021, Ron has demonstrated exceptional expertise in drone detection systems, earning him the position of site lead technician for the Aero Defense Project. Currently, Ron is spearheading the 2023 Georgia drone detection project as the lead technician, where he continues  providing perfect installations.


Dustin Swift

Lead Technician


Dustin Swift joined All Ether in 2019 with 14 years of experience in the cabling and network infrastructure field. He has led  technicians on projects ranging from the Dollar General LifeCycle refresh to a National Guard Mass Notification System Installation.

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Ramiro Gonzalez



Ramiro Gonzalez, who joined All Ether in 2022, brings a remarkable work ethic and in-depth network installation expertise to the team. His exceptional contributions consistently elevate the quality and success of every project, making him a highly valued member of All Ether.

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Louis Miller



Louis Miller, an accomplished electrician, joined the All Ether team in 2023. Bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the company, his addition to the team has been met with great enthusiasm. Louis' skill set elevates All Ether's capabilities and enriches the organization.

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Cameron Little



With years of low voltage experience under his belt, Cameron Little became a valuable addition to the All Ether team in 2023. His knowledge and commitment enhance the company's performance, as he currently contributes his technical prowess to the 2023 JR Automation project.

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Jonathan Easton



Jonathan Easton, a highly skilled professional, joined All Ether in 2023, contributing his extensive knowledge and experience to the team. As an integral part of various projects, Jonathan's technical expertise and commitment play a significant role in the company's ongoing success and growth.

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